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Roller Coaster

Welcome to piano lesson THREE. This lesson is all about direction, notes that go up and notes that go down and recognizing the difference between the two directions across both hands.

The song starts on C and goes up to G then all the way down to G on the left hand.

The second line starts on E and goes all the way down to E on the left hand.

To play this song the left hand will be placed on C and the left hand will start just below on the B, so right thumb is on C and left thumb is on B.

The right hand starts the song on middle C.

You can think about direction with a part of sheet music like this, you don't have to be mindful of every single letter on the staff just how many notes it takes and in what direction we are going which will cut out some of the mental work and even rely on simply mathematics, such as going up 5 notes then going down 10.

If we do think about note letters, going up is the alphabet in order but when we descend or go down the alphabet will be backwards! This is very challenging so it can be good to memorize the musical alphabet backwards: G, F, E, D, C, B and A.

In this photo the Red color is the notes the right hand plays in this song and the blue is for the left hand.

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