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Hot Cross Buns

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Welcome to lesson ONE. This coarse is for adults and children that want to learn how to sight read piano music.

First we need to learn the finger numbers. Sit and wiggle each finger while saying the number out loud. The thumbs are 1 and it counts up to 5.

Next we shall learn the letters on the piano.

There is a pattern with the black keys, it alternates between groups of 2 and groups of 3. Every key directly in front of the groups of 2 is called C.

The letters follow the alphabet; C, D and E are all in a row, these are the first three keys we will use to play Hot Cross buns.

Place the thumb, finger 1, on C and the next two fingers will follow.

The song goes down in pitch which means we are going to play the letters backwards; E, D, C and the finger numbers will descend as well with 3 going first.

You may have played this just by watching the video but let's learn how it is written on sheet music. Print out the free music below.

There are 5 lines and 4 spaces on the staff. Today we're looking at the treble clef staff which is the highest one. E is the bottom line of the staff and as the melody goes down the note goes down to the next space and then adding a line below the staff as we go down.

The notes go E, D, C and repeats once, followed by is 4 C's in a row, then 4 D's in a row before returning once again to E, D, C. So if the note does not move to a different spot it is the same note. You play how many notes you see.

That has been a lot of information but we have one more question to answer, why are some of the notes black and filled in while some are hallowed and emptied out?

The filled in ones are quarter notes and get one beat while the non filled in notes are half notes and get 2 beats, which is twice as long. You will hold the half notes for an extra beat and this will create rhythm.

The next lesson will discuss counting and the difference between rhythm and tempo.

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