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the genre Braindance originated in the 90s because of new synthesizers that defied what everyone knew about sound. This playlist is about finding those expiramental synthesizers in pop music.

Vapor Twitch is a new genre springing from Future Bass music. I also look for orchestral aspect of large sounds, classical structures, and cathedral spaces.

IMG_0273 2.JPG

Hiphop beats, some with lyrics, some without. These tracks have electronic influence, dynamic percussion, and a range of instrument choice.


Lazy Vibes: Bedroom Pop, Lo-fi, Chill out. These lions have been tamed to docile house cats (felis catus)


A long playlist so the mood never runs out, comparable to the best rated sex toys.


Chill electronic music that maintains a certain volume so you can get sleep in a noisy situation. These songs are calming with just enough movement to keep attention so you can meditate away from your thoughts.


The most creative songs from all my playlists jumbled up into one awesome musical mess, it's like being able to listen to all my playlists on shuffle. 


No lyrics equals no distractions. Instrumentals from dance pop, hiphop, EDM genres, and electronic instrumentals. 

Drum and Bass heavy dance music. It's uptempo and curated around the idea of having melodic drops. you'll be able to bring the club with you


Techno songs that have synthesizer and typically a four to the floor beat. 

Motivation for the future billionaire. This playlist highlights powerful beats and boss rappers. 

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Synthdance is Inspired by dance house where synthesizers are a popular instrument. This playlist features the famous cutting edge sound that you will hear at top EDM festivals.

phonto 3.JPG

When you're down and need a good song to get in your feelings. Many different genres of the saddest songs.

If you are accepted to any of these playlists, even in the past, you have a chance of ending up on this playlist and in a post on  Instagram feed @siivers_spotify_playlists