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therunnermusic Talks About the Benefits of Collaborating

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

It's not a secret that two artists means two audiences and often people think about collaborating with each-other to reach the other's audience but that's not the only thing that should be focused on when talking about the benefits of collaborating with other artists. Two brains means twice as many ideas, knowledge, and experience; artists that fill each-other's weaknesses become unstoppable duos that can accomplish anything together.

therunnermusic discovered Awthor's work through the release 'Broken' but was only introduced to the song because of Poisoned Toffee with whom therunnermusic was already friends with on instagram. He was first a fan of Awthor's work and it's very encouraging to go from being the fan of someone else's work to being colleagues, a lot of these relationships begin on social media where we are always watching our favorite artists with admiration and resolve but how often do we have the courage to reach out and build relationships with our heros? Therunnermusic decided not to be shy and reached out to Awthor through direct messaging on instagram and a new work relationship began right away between the two artists.

"'Don't Ever Look Down' started as an interesting, rather anxious thought if I am being honest. The thought that what happens when you care about someone and that person might be out of reach". therunnermusic wrote lyrics and captured the idea with a voice memo but felt a weakness in his vocals: that he could not sing the song and would need help to fill this gap, "I feel making that voice memo public will make it clear why I don't sing on my songs!!" That's where Awthor was able to contribute the guitar, piano and vocals. Once the main recording was down therunnermusic was able to focus solely on their strengths of creative synths, vocal chops, and percussive elements. Listen to 'Don't Ever Look Down' on Spotify youtube

"I am actually quite surprised how smoothly we could work with each other and how we added up both of our skills in the making of the track. I personally feel that working with like minded people makes the process easier and fun", quotes therunnermusic. They started off with a reference track but there was no shortage of ideas between the two artists and they ended up creating something more personal in the end.

When the time came to promote the track both audiences came into play when they reached out to their fans personally to share the new song as well as pitched to Spotify playlists. The momentum of the track didn't stop there, two more artists, Lenik and Niklas, made remixes of 'Don't Ever Look Down' these remixes definitely helped spread the word of the track and now fans from four different artists can begin to discover each-other which was the exact way these artists met! meet them on Instagram @therunnermusic @awthormusic

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