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Slate Digital ML-1 Review (inspired by Karra)

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

When making my decision to buy a new microphone and upgrade from the AT2020, I had a choice between the Neumann U67 and the ML-1. Due to the virtual modeling system that can emulate a multitude of other popular microphones including U67, I decided to go with the ML-1. I've been absolutely amazed by this powerful condenser mic; my decision was validated when I stumbled across a post by one of my favorite vocalists, Karra, the collaboration queen.

She shouts out Slate Digital for being an amazing company, and " is said to emulate the Sony C-800G and we agree it's very close". The mic comes with a virtual modeling system that runs as a plugin allowing you to emulate different mics; this gives you the flexibility of changing the mic's characteristics post-recording. Karra also has an authentic Sony C-800G in her studio, however, most artists can't afford the $10,000 investment for that kind of microphone while the ML-1 has a price tag of only $500! Some other popular mics available in the Slate Digital virtual system are; Shure SM7, AKG C12 and the Neumann U67 which Karra has in her studio as well and, in her words, "we really don't use this anymore". The Slate Digital ML-1 is a no brainer for the average music producer, home studio, or professionals alike as it's featured in many acoustic performances for Lazer Jungle Studios.

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