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Siivers playlists; Pioneer Dj, three current styles and creative curating.

"I listen to the playlists all the time for everything I do. It's so important to find songs that inspire my day."

Classical Sound - modern beats and orchestral compositions

Synthdance - house EDM and Dance Pop

Lambo Goals - Trap, Draincore, Hyperpop and Phonk

Gradient Background

Supporters of

otysee                              alegaleta

ONiGS                             Fjuka

Irfad                                 dellcet

PLV                                 LOFI boss

Moody Violet                   MATT SKIES

True Emotions                 pushapreme

awthor music                   Yadi Sixx

Khudkebeats                   rawtk

KAYA E                            Polar

PardiFowl                        Charlotte Sands

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