Guest Curators

For all the shit you haven't heard but probably should.

Discovery playlist of Niser music label, updated every Friday.

Fresh new independent hiphop artists, and this curator has a few playlists. 

Chill Lofi playlist by Echo world. Updated every month with the freshest lofi artists

Music to help you get through hard times. Featuring sad songs from underground artists

 "I don't understand how kids listen to noise like that these days" featuring hardcore Hip-hop artists with the dirtiest bass lines by Pardifowl.

2021 hip hop rap bangers and upcoming rappers. You'll find some real underground talent here.

Lofi and mellow instrumentals to chill to. When date night is Netflix and 

Featuring the best female hiphop R&B Trap and Alt artists. Keep up to date with current and up coming artists. 

Workout playlist with electronic vibes, there is also a folk playlist, and Indie music too. 

Jake Jurant is an artist specializing in lo-fi music. This playlist is perfect for studying in a chill atmosphere

Updated regularly with the freshest rhythms. A Lo-fi list to sleep in outerspace. 

Some of the best synthpop songs from around the world and electro rock / new wave derivative sounds.

The best no copyright gaming songs for you to play in live streams. Perfect flow for gamers. Submit now to all Multiverse Dj playlists

For people who are feeling sad, depressed and want a playlist to boost there mind. A mix of Sad, hip hop & rap songs.

All time favorite beats by Alma Animo. These beats are chilled and belong to the Lofi genre.

The best songs curated by Keran and show casing indie artists

The saddest beats with lo - fi influence. Meant for a chill lonely night when you just need to be sad. 

a relaxing music  compilation. Perfect for Yoga, Meditation, and Sleep. This playlist will keep you focused when you need it.

an electric chill synth Wave playlist. Like taking a stroll on a boardwalk with an occasional thunderstorm.

By an electronic producer who made a list to showcase other artists, loves thoughtful music, and cares most about the ideas that go into creating a song. 

A study playlist with Jazz and lofi influence. Focus and get your homework done faster.

Accepting music for 4 playlists. You'll find electronic music with a chill atmosphere. Some instrumentals and some lyrics.

A slower paced playlist with pop, folk and electro influence. All these songs have lyrics. Discover new indie artists.

Bright and upbeat cafe music that makes you feel good. These songs have a lot of pop influence. Please feel free to submit.

Mostly Nostalgia mood and chill pop music and has another playlist for indie music as well.

Songs for celebration for those that still want chill vibes when they drink champagne. 

Best Mix of POP music. Listen to your favorites popular songs and discover music from new amazing artists

Trap Early is representing Atlanta Georgia, bringing to you a list of hiphop names with audiences of all sizes.