How to grow a Spotify playlist


  1. Decide on a Searchable title for your playlist  The title of your playlist should be searchable and match the style or theme of the songs you plan to add. Always search the title you plan to use on Spotify, if there are tons of playlists that already have that name then you'll need to come up with a more unique title so people can easily find your list.  You have to use the desktop app to add your art and bio. I include my social media and website on the bio, you want people who stumble upon your list to be able to follow you on social media.   

  2. Find Eye catching artwork                               You'll need artwork that draws attention and matches the title and theme of your list, you'll also need to have the rights to use the image. You can make your own art or use another artist's work but you must give them credit in your playlist bio. My favorite way to find art is stock websites, because then I don't have to worry about tagging the artist. I've used Adobe stock photos, they have a free trial, huge selection, and the kind of creativity I was looking for. Try a google search for free stock images to find more sites similar to Adobe. 

  3. Provide good content                                      Make sure the songs flow well and make sense in a collection. You can't organize songs on the free version of mobile but you can easily organize songs for free on the desktop app. 

  4. What the Spotify Algorithm likes                     Add new songs to your playlist often and keep new additions at the top of the list. Spotify also notices when the creator of the playlist is streaming it and ranks the playlists of those that are streaming their own playlist much higher, so listen to your own playlist often, sounds weird but it works! 

  5. Set your playlist to public                                 Click the three dots there is a lock icon, if it says make public then you need to click that, it will tell you, 'the playlist is now public' now people can view it. 

  6. Where to get your very first followers            Your playlist may not show up in the search results at first even if your playlist title is unique so you're going to need to share the link of the playlist; hit the three dots, share, then send that link to your family, friends, and fans. Tell them you plan to support small artists and that you need to get your first followers to get started. 

  7. sharing your playlist to social media                There are so many social medias and way too many features, but it's essential to grow your playlist. Facebook groups is great; search for groups dedicated to music, the genres on your playlist, and artist fan groups too, post your playlist with a nice description. Reddit is similar, find threads such as r/makemeaplaylist and post your playlist there as well. Instagram is a good place to create a blog about your playlist; put your playlist link where it says website when you edit your instagram bio, that way it will be a hyper link people can click on. Use or another service to create multi links if you need more than one link in your Instagram bio. Share your playlist from Spotify directly to instagram stories then post it to your highlights, easily share to facebook too. Twitter has been a staple for many popular curators, they tweet their featured artists and when the artists and fans retweet it can generate a lot of exposure, it's impossible to tag an artist that's not on twitter though which is why it's important to be on instagram as well where stories and feeds can be used to share instead.   

  8. Spotify Playlist Exchange                                 Spotify launched a whole new platform where people can share their playlists and blog about their favorite music! Write a nice description and include your playlist link. You can find and message curators that have the same interests as you. Many people come to the site looking for unique playlists to inspire them so you definitely need to visit the exchange and share your playlist. 

  9. Create a calendar                                               Remembering to share your playlist everyday is difficult enough and with so many different platforms it will be necessary to have a daily plan of goals that is easy to keep up with. Dedicate just a couple social medias each day and check off the tasks when completed so you can look at a job well done. 

  10. Allow artists to submit to your playlist    Every artist wants to be on as many Spotify playlists as they can and most people don't care if your playlist doesn't have a lot of followers yet so go ahead and start adding their songs to your list. Be generous and always try to add everyone's songs and be kind about placing the songs higher up. This is a favor to the artist and they will now want to do something for you in return; ask them to share the playlist with friends and family, request they repost your playlist on social media, and even ask them to stream the playlist. When artists are streamed on your list enough the playlist will end up on their 'discoverd on' section on the Spotify desktop app. This is a great way for your playlist to be discovered by even more fans of music. 

  11. Use follow to submit gates                             There are many websites (even mine) that showcase playlists where artists follow in order to submit their music using an online form. Tunemunk is easiest to get on; you'll have to build your link correctly for the gate to work, just follow their directions. Dailyplaylists is great too but you'll need 100 followers. Soundplate is another great one but I have always had to pay the small fee in order to get my playlist featured. Lastly you can create your own gate for free, try tone.den for this. There are other websites but tone.den is my favorite and the only one I use. Share your submission link everywhere that you share the playlist to get more submissions.

  12. Collect emails                                                          You can use a free email service to send mass emails to individuals in your network, i like mailchimp for this. Announce new updates to the playlist and even remind people to submit again. 

  13. Consider creating more playlists                     Your first playlist is going to be the hardest to grow, building multiple playlists can help you organize your interests and will work to feed more followers to your other playlists and user account. I created a new playlist every month and a few of them really took off, outgrowing my first playlist by a long shot.  

  14. build a website                                            Social media is limited in features and it's all over the place, you'll have artists that aren't on certain platforms which is why it's important for you to be present on them all (you don't need popular accounts just be present!)  Build a website so you can put all your social links as well as your playlist and can have complete control over the content on your site. Get creative! Wix has been the fastest easiest builder I've ever tried however it is not the cheapest. You can run a website for free but most free versions won't allow you to use a domain name like Not having a domain name really hurts traffic! 

  15. Be consistent                                                   You won't be doing all these things right away but the trick is to be consistent and work towards these goals because I am telling you: I have needed to use ALL these steps over a YEAR to reach my first 1,000 followers, so don't give up, it takes time! 

Share this article! If every artist had a buzzing playlist imagine how easy it would be to support each-other. Some artists are so focused on selfish gains that they never learn how to create business relationships where everone benefits and then they wonder why no one likes them. BE KIND and be supportive, you'll receive so much support back!